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Tool Steel 

Tool steel is steel used to make cutting tools, gauges, molds and wear tools. Tool steels have high hardness and high hardness and red hardness at high temperatures, as well as high wear resistance and proper toughness. Tool steel is generally divided into carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and high speed tool steel.
Tool steels are often classified into three categories: carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, and high speed steel (essentially
high alloy tool steel) depending on the chemical composition. According to the use of steel, it can be divided into three categories: cutting tool steel, die steel and measuring steel.
Steel used in the manufacture of various cutting tools, cold and hot deformable tools, gages and other tools, collectively referred to as tool steel. Various tool steels have common requirements, such as high hardness, good wear resistance and certain toughness and strength, and have their own special requirements, such as red hardness, impact resistance, dimensional stability, thermal fatigue resistance and Good overall mechanical properties, etc. In order to meet these different requirements, tool steels of various materials are used in production and their performance requirements are met by appropriate heat treatment processes.
High speed tool steel is an alloy tool steel containing C, Mn, Si, Cr, V, W, Mo, Co. And it can be used as a high-speed rotary cutting tool, which can wear and high temperature, which is the ratio of Cr, V, W, Mo, etc., taking W12Cr4V5Co5 as an example, Cr->3.75%-5%, V->4.5 %-5.25%, W->11.75%-13%. The ratio of Cr and V must not be less than 3%. The P and S content should not exceed 0.030%.
The processing methods of alloy tool steel are mainly pressure-machined steel and cutting tool steel. There are many types of alloy tool steels, such as cold work, hot work, non-magnetic, plastic mold steel, etc., while the ratio of Cr and V can not be too low. Cold work tool steel selection
Cold tooling tool steel selection, in practical applications,
tool steel is selected according to the main failure mechanism of the mold. It is not enough to choose tool steel to have only knowledge of steel properties. It is also necessary to consider the number of parts produced, the type of material being processed, the thickness and hardness. One of the basic methods for selecting tool steel is to first eliminate all failure mechanisms except wear, and then select the tool steel with the best wear resistance to meet the production requirements.


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