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201 Stainless steel 

201 stainless steel, with certain acid and alkali resistance, high density, no bubbles, no pinholes, etc. It is a high-quality material for producing various case and strap bottom cover. Mainly used for decorative tubes, industrial tubes, some shallow stretched products
The 200 series stainless steel was first developed in the United States during the Second World War as a substitute for the 300 series stainless steel. At that time, due to the war, nickel as a strategic material was strictly controlled by the countries concerned, and the supply of nickel in the United States was seriously insufficient. In order to solve the problem of stainless steel production and supply in the case of severe shortage of nickel supply, the United States has developed this series of austenitic stainless steel new steel series with manganese-nickel nickel.
There are mainly 200 types of steel in China: J1, J3, J4, 201, 202. Later, there were 200 steel grades with lower control of nickel content. As for 201C, it is the extension steel of 201 developed by individual steel mills in China in the later period. The national standard grade of 201 is: old grade 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N, new grade: 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N 201C continues to reduce nickel content and increase manganese content on the basis of 201

Physical properties:
Tensile strength: 520MPa
Yield strength: 275MPa
Elongation: 55 to 60%
Modulus of elasticity: 29,000,000 psi, equivalent to: 203000MPa
Hardness requirement (Brinell hardness) HRB < 183 N / mm 2 (MPa).
Density: .280lbs/cubic inch (density 7.93g/cm3)


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