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Alloy 602 CA

Alloy 602 CA


Common Trade Names: 602 CA; Alloy 602 CA; Nicrofer 6025 HT;


Alloy 602CA is a high-carbon nickel-chromium-iron alloy with additions of the micro-alloying elements titanium and zirconium together with aluminum and yttrium. It is normally supplied in the solution-annealed condition with an oxidized or descaled surface.


This alloy is characterized by excellent high-temperature creep properties; and Exceptional resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures, even under cyclic conditions.  It also possesses very good high temperature corrosion resistance ub carburizing and oxidizing/chlorinating media as well as under metal dusting conditions.


A relatively high carbon content combined with the alloying additions of titanium and zirconium results in high creep rupture strength. 602 CA provides 150% of the strength of other commonly used nickel alloys such as alloy 600.



Available Product Forms:


Round bar



Forged ring


UNS N06025; Werkstoff Number 2.4633.


Rod, Bar, Wire and Forging Stock:  ASTM B166; ASME SB166;

Plate, Sheet and Strip: ASTM B168; ASME SB168;




Outstanding resistance to cyclic oxidation through 2250 F degree (1232 C degree)
Excellent high temperature creep strength
Resistant to carburizing and nitriding environments
Highly resistant to grain growth in service
Superior behavior in oxidizing/chloridizing environments
Good resistance to metal dusting



It is suggested to weld 602 CA with 602 CA weld consumables. These are available from Rolled Alloys in spooled wire (GMAW, MIG), bare wire (GTAW, TIG), and coated electrodes (SMAW).


For joints less than 3/16 inch thick, 100% argon is acceptable for a shielding gas. For heavier joints it is recommended to use AR Ni5He5CD300 gas from AirGas which was designed to reduce the likelihood of weld solidification cracks. For GTAW welding the use of 98% Argon, 2% Nitrogen for the shielding gas is suggested to minimize the likelihood of weld solidification cracking. 


Typical Applications:
Excellent for applications such as high purity alumina calciners, where minimal contamination from scaling is permissible.


Pressure vessel ,air receivers,Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.


Deepwater offshore oil production systems, industrial air compressors, power generators and nitrogen generators.






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