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310 Stainless Steel

310 Stainless Steel

Excellent resistance to oxidation under mildly cyclic conditions through 2000 Fahrenheit degree characterizes 310. Because of its high chromium and medium nickel contents, 310 has good resistance to sulfidation and other forms of hot corrosion. 310 is widely used in moderately carburizing atmospheres such as encountered in petrochemical environments. The more severely carburizing atmospheres of industrial heat treating furnaces require RA330 or RA333. 310 is not suggested for the severe thermal shock of repeated liquid quenching.


Often in many product forms, the grain size and carbon content can meet both the 310S and 310H requirements. 310 is often used at cryogenic temperatures, with excellent toughness to -450 Fahrenheit degree, and low magnetic permeability. 310 has a machinability rating of 42% relative to AISI B1112 steel. When using high speed steel tooling, this equates to about 70 surface feet per minute. Forming operations should be performed at room temperature whenever possible. Welding with AWS E310-15 electrodes or ER310 bare wire is suggested.




AMS 5521, AMS 5651
ASME SA 240, ASME SA 312, ASME SA 479
ASTM A 240, ASTM A 276, ASTM A 276 Condition A, ASTM A 276 Condition S, ASTM A 312, ASTM A 479
EN 10095
UNS S31008, UNS S31009
Werkstoff 1.4845


Product forms
310 Bar, 310 Coil, 310 Pipe, 310 Plate, 310 Rod Coil, 310 Sheet, 310 Tubing, 310 Welding Products


Common Trade Names
310 Stainless

 •Oxidation resistance to 2000 Fahrenheit degree 
 •Moderate strength at high temperature
 •Resistance to hot corrosion
 •Strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures

 •Flare tips
 •Fluidized bed coal combustors
 •Radiant tubes
 •Tube hangers for petroleum refining and steam boilers
 •Coal gasifier internal components
 •Refractory anchor bolts
 •Burners, combustion chambers
 •Retorts, muffles, annealing covers
 •Food processing equipment
 •Cryogenic structures

Physical Properties
Density: 0.284 lb/inch3


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