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303 Stainless Steel

303 Stainless


Type 303 is a non-magnetic stainless steel, which is not hardenable by heat treatment. It is the free machining modification of the basic 18% chromium - 8% nickel stainless steel.


303 has good resistance to oxidation at temperatures up to 1700 Fahrenheit degree. In extreme oxidizing atmospheres, irregular scaling may be encountered, particularly above 1400 Fahrenheit degree.


Chemical proposition:

Cr: 17.0-19.0
C: max0.15 
Mn: max 2.0 
P: max 0.2 
S: min 0.3
Si: max 1.0 
Fe: Bal

RAM 303 contains 0.30% minimum sulfur for enhanced machinability, substantially higher than the 0.15% minimum required by ASTM.


AMS 5640, AMS 5640 Type 1, AMS 5640RASTM A 262, ASTM A314, ASTM A484, ASTM A582UNS S30300Werkstoff 1.4305


303 Flat Bar, 303 Square Bar


Common Trade Names
303 Stainless


Melted and processed to maximize machinability
Improved machinability over 304/304L and 316/316L


Automatic screw machines
Conveyor systems


Physical Properties

Density: 0.290 lb/inch3 Melting Point: 2552 Fahrenheit degree

Thermal Conductivity at 212 Fahrenheit degree: 113/2 (Btu x in)/(hr x ft2 x Fahrenheit degree)

Mechanical Properties
Typical Tensile Properties


Tensile Strength, ksi


Yield Strength, ksi


% Elongation in 2 inches


% Reduction of area



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