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17-4Ph stainless steel 
17-4PH stainless steel is a magnetic precipitation hardening--martensitic stainless steel with special metallic elements copper and niobium.17-4PH stainless steel is the most widely used material of all the precipitation-hardening stainless steels. After heat treatment, the mechanical properties will be more perfect, and the tensile strength can reach the compressive strength of 1100-1300 Mpa (160-190 ksi). This grade cannot be used above 300C (572F) or very low temperature (impact AKV -60C45J).It has good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere diluted acid and salt, just same as 304 and 430. Features:High hardness, good toughness, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, good attenuation performance, strong anti-fatigue and anti-dropping performance. Its valuable combination of properties gives designers opportunities to add reliability to their products while simplifying fabrication and often reducing costs. 17-4ph hashtagSUS630 hashtag,AISI630,S17400,1.4542
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