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Maraging steel 

Maraging steels are carbon free iron-nickel alloys with additions of cobalt, molybdenum, titanium and aluminium with good quality .The term maraging is derived from the strengthening mechanism,  very good chioce .which is transforming the alloy to martensite with subsequent age hardening.

Table 1 summarizes the alloy content of the 18% nickel C cobalt - molybdenum family as developed by Inco in the late 1950s.

Air cooling the alloy to room temperature from 820C creates a soft iron nickel martensite, which contains molybdenum and cobalt in supersaturated solid solution. Tempering at 480 to 500C results in strong hardening due to the precipitation of a number of intermetallic phases, including, nickel-molybdenum, iron-molybdenum and iron-nickel varieties.

Typical applications areas include:

  • aerospace, e.g. undercarriage parts and wing fittings,
  • tooling & machinery , e.g. extrusion press rams and mandrels in tube production, gears
  • Ordnance components and fasteners.

A comprehensive summary on maraging steels is available from the nickel alloy


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