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The new product : 304D stainless steel 


The new product grade 304D is independently developed by Qingshan. It is an economical corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is intended to replace 304. Starting point of product design: On the basis of ensuring the corrosion resistance of S30408, the strength and hardness of the material are improved, and the production cost of the material is reduced, so that it has higher cost performance and stronger market competitiveness.


Composition design features

High chromium (greater than 18%), medium nickel (greater than 2.0%), high copper (greater than 1.5%). Through the digital research and development platform thermo-calc thermodynamic phase diagram calculation software, the alloying elements of each phase are controlled, which not only improves the corrosion resistance of the material, but also makes the yield strength of 304D reach 1.3 times of 30408.


Performance characteristics
(1) This product has corrosion resistance comparable to 30408, and the pitting resistance is not weaker than 30408.

(2) Mechanical properties: Yield and tensile strength are significantly higher than 30408, and there is an elongation of not less than 50%.

(3) It is used in the field of structural load-bearing parts to reduce the weight of the product and further reduce the weight of the product.


Chemical composition, wt% :


Corrosion resistance

Salt spray corrosion resistance :



Experimental results: 5% NaCl salt spray atmosphere test for 15 days without rust.


Resistance to pitting corrosion:


Experimental results: 304D's pitting resistance is comparable to that of S30408.


Mechanical properties (typical):


Cold working - mutagenic martensite:


Experimental results: After 304D cold working, the deformed martensite content is very small and basically non-magnetic.



Website :

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