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Chinese market price of stainless steel in April 

In the pull-up of 304 stainless steel prices, traders have increased their goods, but they are not ambition to release downstream demand. The flow of traders to terminal capital is not lively. However, following the warming of the climate, the transaction status has improved compared to last week. With regard to late-stage shopping malls, most manufacturers and traders think that, although there may be a short period of time, the production of 304 stainless steel manufacturers in the later period will be greatly constrained. The suspension of production and limited production may be very large. This supports the market. It is very powerful. In addition, the billet quotation is still relatively hard to see now. The cost of the 304 stainless steel plate manufacturers also has excellent support, and there is little room for dropping the type price. And all parties in shopping malls are reluctant to show the trend of sharp decline in the market, so all types of market are still relatively hard. It is estimated that the domestic 304 stainless steel plate manufacturers will continue to be strong in the next week. In general, this week's rally did not change, and shopping malls actively adjusted. As for traders, profit-taking operations increased, and the prices of 304 stainless steel manufacturers' shopping malls dropped significantly, and the short-term stocking activity weakened.


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