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What Is So Important About Stainless Steel? 

Stainless steel is everywhere, and it is gaining in popularity by the day. What is so important about this type of metal? It is very durable, and it also comes at a fairly cheap price for the type of quality that it provides.


Plus, it is fairly easy to clean as well. You do need a stainless steel cleaner, but it's very easy to polish and easy to sterilize as well.


Stainless steel is used in a variety of different places, including doctor's offices, morgues, restaurants and people's houses. Do you own any appliances made with this type of steel? I do, and I own a pizza company in Detroit. When you own a restaurant, steel is what you need for a variety of surfaces, equipment and utensils.


Stainless steel has been around for a century, and it was discovered by an Englishman who found out about stain resistance in metal by adding chromium to steel. That is another top quality of this type of steel, hence the name. While restaurant equipment is expensive, it is the quality that counts and the fact that you're buying commercial equipment. So, it's really not as expensive as most people think.


There are other elements that can be contained in this type of steel, including nickel, titanium, niobium and more. What's great about this steel is that it can really take a beating. Back in the day, cars used to be made out of more steel as well. Today, they have gotten cheaper with making cars. But, there is no substitute for steel.


When I bought my supplies and equipment for my restaurant, I ordered out of an online catalog. Basically almost every piece of equipment I purchased was made of this type of steel. It'sjust what you do in the restaurant business for sure. Every piece of equipment I have purchased has held up and still looks great. If you maintain the steel, then it stays looking brand new! The surface doesn't scratch easily as you can smooth it back out if that happens.


This fixing of scratched surfaces also prevents corrosion and other things from happening so it's not just regular stains we're talking about here. Did you know that there are three different types of stainless steel? There is austenitic, martensitic and ferritic. They are also classified according to grades in many cases.


While most people are used to seeing these steels in a silver color and standard texture, they can be done in many different textures and colors. Of course, all the equipment in my restaurant is the regular stainless steel.


I just recently ordered some more trays made from this type of steel. I use them to dress sandwiches on and also cook pizzas. I make the Philly and other subs that people like to order along with pizzas sometimes. One more thing you need to know is that the martensitic steel variety is the hardest but it also makes it the most brittle of the three.


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